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V2 Firmware only!

Here you can add a background image to your watchface. Any image, that can be opened by your browser can be used, and will be transformed to black and white. The image stays on your machine and will only be transferred in its transformed state.

Background Color

Background Image

Here you can add an analog watch to your watchface.

Show analog watch offon


Show seconds hand

Seconds color

Hand style

Hand order

Hand width []

Length hand hour []

Length hand minute []

Length hand second []

Length hands' tail []

Position X []


Position Y []


Show hands' center

Width Center []


Decoration Color

Decoration padding []

Decoration padding horizontal []

Decoration padding vertical []

Decoration length []

Decoration hour width []

Decoration minute width []

Decoration minute additional padding []

Here you can add a digital watch to your watchface.

Show digital watch offon

Show seconds


Font color

Font size [21]


Offset X (left) [7]

Offset Y [7]

Here you can add a date field to your watchface. You can translate the labels for the weekdays and months by yourself. If the date doesn't fit into one line, it automatically breaks into a new one, if a space-divider is chosen. (working on that)

Show date offon


Format Line 2:

Custom Labels

Radio-Buttons select the item for the live-preview. Switch between them to check the font-positioning.

  • ↑ Preview

  • ↑ Preview


Font color

Font size [20]

Line-height [22]


Offset X (left) [8]

Offset Y [30]

Here you can add free text to your watchface. As it is merged into the background-image, you can try to use a font installed on your computer (see below). Some fonts might not be supported by your browser.

Text Lines (optional):

Free text is now rendered within the background-image. This allows a 100% correct preview and way larger font-size.


Preview 12:34

Custom Font:

You can select a font installed on your computer. Enter the name, as you would find it in a font-selection list like "Tahoma" or "Comic Sans MS". Press "select" when preview shows the correct font.



This should appear in your font

Font color

Font size [21]

Line-height [22]


Offset X (left) [8]

Offset Y [75]

Battery Indicator

Activate battery indicator off on


Position X []

Position Y []

Connection Indicator

Activate connection indicator off on


Position X []

Position Y []


Please enter a valid name. Letters, numbers, spaces and underscores only.


Protect watchface with password off on

Passwords don't match. Please check.

Don't refresh the page after clicking on "Create" otherwhise you won't be able to access the generated watchface!!!

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